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5 Benefits to own a legal prescription licence

Recreational cannabis if going to enter the market on October 17th. This means you can buy for recreational purposes in small amounts. To grow your own and have a prescription for medial purposes you will still need to go through the application process with Health Canada. (Read article here) There's many benefits on why you should apply. Here's our top five.

  1. Hiring a consulting company will make sure all the necessary steps are compliant with Health Canada's review process.

  2. Government will Tax Recreational Cannabis at a higher rate of 25%

  3. Licensed Producers will charge less for Medical Cannabis

  4. Revenue Canada will NOT allow you to claim Recreational Cannabis as a Medical Expense.

  5. You can grow an ease. Legally!

Alpha Cure wants to help you obtain your licence. We know all the necessary steps to complete this. We take care of all the logistics and complicated forms to apply properly with Health Canada. To start your application today please visit our website.


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