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ACMPR – Learn the rules and your rights!

As of last year, The Access to medical prescription for Medical Purposes Regulations Program(ACMPR) has replacedfor Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR). The ACMPR program has given us a clean and clear view of how the Federal Government plans to approach the sale and distribution of medicinal cannabis.


Many Canadians suffering from a variety of health concerns are unable to access doctors with the education needed to prescribe. That is where Alpha Cure Consulting is here to help connect patients with educated healthcare professionals.

The ACMPR program was created to address the need for medical patients to buy or grow cannabis while balancing the responsibility of protecting the public. What does this mean for a patient who needs a prescription?


Legal Access- Going forward, Under the new rules and regulations, patients Canada wide can now access medical in three separate ways. Patients can sign up with a Licensed Producer, register with Health Canada and produce their own cannabis or designate a grower to produce it for them.

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